One app. Plenty of opportunities for your company.

One app. Plenty of opportunities for your company.

mTasku is a unique mobile application on the Estonian market, which gives you the opportunity to transfer all the operations related to the wallets of your clients and staff to your smartphone.

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card payments

We will create a personal solution suitable for your company. Send an email to [email protected] or fill in a request.

Digital loyalty cards

  • If you want, you can create a new loyalty programme for your company.
  • Add the loyalty card to mTasku in digital form.
  • A digital loyalty card is always included in the client’s smartphone.

Comprehensive payment method

  • Offer the client a convenient and secure payment option.
  • Supports all Visa and MasterCard bank cards.
  • To pay, the client only needs the QR code or NFC tag provided by their phone and the vendor.

Communication channel with the client

  • The mTasku marketing channel is unique in Estonia: all your special offers, campaigns and important announcements reach the client’s phone app directly!
  • You can create and send notifications about special offers and campaigns quickly and conveniently in the self-service portion of the marketing channel.

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Payment link in the online store

  • When paying with mTasku in the online store, it is not necessary to fill in credit card data or enter into the Internet Bank.
  • Just scan the QR code with your phone, choose the appropriate card, and press ‘Pay’ in mTasku.

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Digital work certificates

Employment certificate or access card for an employee of your company, with which you can open doors, book rooms, print, etc.

Gift cards

Your company’s loyalty card in the client’s smartphone. Option to create a digital gift card programme for a company.

Payment of invoices

Your clients can pay their invoices quickly and conveniently: no need to enter bank card information or log into the Internet Bank.


The possibility to make donations without entering the Internet Bank and without having cash.


Electronic receipts are stored in mTasku. Send mKviitung from the app directly to email.

Mobile checkout or payment without checkout

Easy-to-use all-in-one online checkout. Solutions for vending machines.